HCM Pro14 VG

The HCM Pro 14 VG is designed as an ultra lightweight van pack system for drainage, pressure wash or maintenance companies looking for a lightweight and portable system.

The Pro 14 is one of the UKs most popular small vanpack units and weighing under 200kg can be easily removed from a van if required for other tasks.

Key Features of the HCM Pro14 VG

  • 60m hose reel
  • Electric Start Vanguard engine
  • 350L baffled water tank
  • Pressure gauge, Unloader valve and manual water return
  • Anti Overflow Water fill point
  • Mild Steel powder coated
  • Comes complete with Drain Jets and Washdown Lance.
  • Finance Available

£3,999.00 exc. VAT


HCM ProJet Demonstration

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