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Hydrapulse Flushing Gate

Hydrapulse is a passive gate device for controlling and maximising hydraulic flow in sewer networks

SKU: USL0036

HYDRAPULSE™ is a gate device that controls the flow of effluent to minimise the effect of Fat, Oil & Grease (FOG), silt and other deposits. It maintains sewer cleanliness passively and thus reduces maintenance costs whilst offering additional environmental and customer benefits.
HYDRAPULSE™ is installed in sewer manholes where the network is subject to blockages due to FOG, sags in the line, or where solids are deposited due to low flow. The head of fluid that builds upstream of the gate, together with its unique design, provides an instantaneous snap opening and closing that ensures a flushing wave of wastewater with maximum volume and velocity to flush and cleanse the downstream sewer effectively. Available Through Utility Support Demonstrations and installation

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