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Pearpoint Drain Survey Camera System Hire

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This complete Pearpoint drain camera system combines the portability of smaller, simpler survey and inspection options with the performance and functionality of more expensive crawler systems.

As a modular drain survey camera system, the P350 can be adapted to any inspection application or environment and can operate in a wide range of pipe sizes from 32mm to 900mm.

Key Features of the Pearpoint P350 Flexitrax CCTV Crawler System

  • Portable and durable design for on-site use
  • Easy to operate with PC style keyboard and intuitive controls
  • Can be connected to pushrod reels or cameras and switch between them at the touch of a button
  • High-quality imaging with zoom and rotate functions plus digital video recording
  • Customizable survey reporting system built-in
  • Everything you need to carry out a survey is included in the price


Pearpoint P350 Accessories

Due to it’s modular design, this Pearpoint drain survey camera system can be enhanced with compatible accessories to work in any inspection application or environment.

  • Laser pipe profiling – laser profiler accessories provide operators with detailed pipe measurements
  • Custom deployment tools – these tools can accurately position the system crawlers in a drain or culvert
  • Camera centering – the P350 flexitrax range includes small wheels and adjustable elevators, enabling accuracy in a range of pipe sizes
  • Pushrods – connect pushrods directly to the system or use the P350 controller to control a pushrod

Click here to view the Pearpoint p350 brochure

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