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MotorScrubber Storm Ballistic Virus Killer

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The MotorScrubber Storm is a battery powered sanitising system making it easier than ever to quickly disinfect areas and common touch points where the risk of cross infection is a concern.

The Storm system can be used with any disinfectant and produces a powerful but fine spray of 40, 80 or 110 microns that’s easy to control from the simple hand controls mounted on the Storm wand.

The battery and disinfectant bottle are conveniently stored in a lightweight backpack (4.5kg) which quickly connects to the Storm wand via military grade connectors.

In short, the Storm system makes it easy to target and sanitise any area using your disinfectant of choice.

Key Features of the MotorScrubber Storm

  • Target and disinfect a wide range of areas and surfaces quickly.
  • Effective against Coronavirus when using an EPA approved disinfectant.
  • Complete system that’s mobile, convenient and comfortable to use.
  • Battery powered device that produces a fine spray which is easy to control for precise surface targeting.
  • Comes with a light weight backpack and disinfectant bottle.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.

£549.00 exc. VAT


Common Questions About the MotorScrubber Storm Sanitising System

Q. Is the MotorScrubber Storm effective against Coronavirus?
A. The Storm system can be used with any disinfectant, so when using solutions that are EPA approved and proven against Coronavirus, the combination is very effective.

Q. What chemicals can I use with the Storm system?
A. If using the machine to combat Coronavirus, we recommend using approved chemicals with the shortest contact time as shown on the EPA.gov website. You can use any chemical but it is important to flush out the pump with clean water after use and before storage. If you need to use very harsh chemicals (for example high chlorine content), then it is still possible to use this but understand some components will deteriorate faster and need replacement. The backpack and storm are very easy to repair and maintain.

Q. Is the product CE marked?
A. Yes, the product falls under MotorScrubber’s current JET CE marking as, electrically, the product is the same.

Directions for Use

Click here to view the MotorScrubber Storm bochure.