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Ridgid Flexshaft K9-102 Drain Cleaning Machine

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The Ridgid FlexShaft K9-102 is a high performance, lightweight and compact drain cleaning machine for use on sinks, baths, showers and urinals with 32 to 50 mm drain pipelines.

£890.00 exc. VAT

SKU: 64268

Included with the Ridgid Flexshaft K9-102

  • 1½ & 2′ knockers
  • FlexShaft 4 oz (118 ml) lubricant
  • PVC 1¼’ & PVC 1½’ attachment
  • Hex keys (4 mm & 3mm)
  • T-handle tool bag
  • K9-102 manual pack


Blockage Types: Build ups and grease
Drain Pipe Capacity: 32-50 mm
Cable Diameter (without sheath): 6 mm
Cable Diameter (with sheath): 9.5 mm
Cable Length: 15.2 m
Rotational Speed: Maximum 2500 RPM
Drill Attachment: Hex (8 mm)
Dimensions (without drill: 488 mm x 191 mm x 562 mm

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