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Rothenberger Rodrum M & L Drain Cleaner

The Rothenberger Rodrum is a powerful and versatile drain cleaning machine with an automatic spiral feed for the removal of blockages from pipes with a diameter of 70-250mm.

Thanks to it’s interchangeable spiral drum, the Rodrum is able to quickly adapt to different environments and is perfectly suited for use in public and commercial buildings as well as domestic connection pipes.

Key Features of the Rodrum M & L

  • Interchangeable drums for quick and easy adaption to different pipe diameters without the need for tools
  • Clean and discreet use
  • Easy handling due to automatic spiral feeding and retrieving
  • Spiral protection due to direct pressure relief by release of the lever
  • Works with 13, 16, 20 mm spirals

£1,633.13£2,291.25 exc. VAT


Common Questions About the Rothenberger Rodrum M & L

Q. What spiral lengths can be used with this machine?
A. The Rothenberger Rodrum can be used with 30m, 45m and 60m long spirals.

Directions for Use

Moving the spiral into the pipe:

1. Place the machine at a distance of about 1 m to the opening of the pipe to be cleaned.
2. Attach a suitable tool at the front. Select the tool according to the type of blockage contents to be removed. Ensure correct seating! Never use the cleaning device without the guide hose attached.
3. Switch the machine to ready-to-operate (switch position I).
4. Hold the spiral with guide tube in the hand and switch on the motor at the foot switch.
5. The spiral feed is infinitely controlled (forwards, neutral and backwards) using the pressed feed unit handle.

Removing the pipe blockage:

6. The spiral should bore its way into the blockage material; it should not be pressed in.
7. If there is counter-pressure from the blockage and the spiral is pre-tensioned in a bowed position, put the feed unit handle in neutral (the spiral will turn on the spot) and push against the blockage.
8. If the spiral has penetrated into the pipe so that the bowed apparatus is detensioned, set the hand lever to feed again.
9. Repeat the procedure until the blockage has been removed.

Click to view the full Rothenberger Rodrum M & L instruction manual

Additional information


M13 Spirals 13 mm x 15 m, incl. 16 mm tool kit, M16 Spirals 16 mm x 15 m, incl. 16 mm tool kit, L16 Spirals 16 mm x 15 m, incl. 16 mm tool kit, L20 Spirals 20 mm x 20 m, incl. 20 mm tool kit

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