Rothenberger ROSPI R36 Plus

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The Rothenberger ROSPI R36 plus is ideal for removing blockages in connecting waste pipes from sinks, showers or baths up to 75 mm in diameter.

Ideal for small jobs in the kitchen, bathroom or toilet, the Rospi R36 Plus offers a powerful clearing action thanks to it’s built in connection for standard electric power drills.

Key Features of the Rospi R36 Plus

  • Spiral length of 7.5m.
  • Clean use and sturdy construction.
  • Closed plastic spiral container for clean operation.
  • Safe grip and operation even at high speed.
  • Extra long handle with soft grip inlay.

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Common Questions About the Rospi R36 Plus

Q. Will this product clear toilet blockages?
A. The Rothenberger Rospi R36 Plus is not designed for clearing toilet wastes.

Q. How long is the spiral?
A. The spiral length is 7.5m with a diameter of 8-10mm.

Directions for Use

1. Pull the spiral out of the spiral container and insert it into the pipe to be cleaned until resistance from the obstruction is felt.
2. There must still be approx ca. 20 – 30 cm of spiral between the cleaning device and
the pipe opening.
3. Tighten the spiral chuck. Hold the handle of the cleaning unit with one hand.
4. Start the drill turning slowly in a clockwise direction using the other hand. Increase the rotational speed according to the cleaning problem.
5. Push the cleaning device with the rotating spiral at intervals against the obstruction.
6. Once the spiral has penetrated further into the pipe, stop the rotation, loosen the spiral chuck, pull the spiral out of the spiral container again by approx. 30 cm,
tighten the spiral chuck and work again at intervals with the rotating spiral against the obstruction.
7. Repeat until the blockage has been cleared.

Click to view the Rothenberger Rospi R36 Plus instruction manual

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