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Rothenberger Rospimatic Drain Cleaner

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The Rothenberger Rospimatic is a powerful electric pipe and drain cleaning machine for the quick removal of tough obstructions in wastes of up to 50mm in diameter. It features a one-of-a-kind spiral forward and reverse system which doesn’t require changing the rotational direction.

Key Features of the Rospimatic

  • Switch between forward and reverse under full-load without the need to change the motor rotational direction is possible, which makes obstruction removal faster
  • The spiral can be combined with 3 different cleaning tools, more efficient operation
  • Spiral locking mechanism with torque control prevents crushing of the spiral
  • Enclosed spiral container prevents contamination by reversal of the spiral
  • The flexible protective hose prevents the surrounding from soiling with spray water
  • Includes 8 mm / 7.5 m spiral.

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Common Questions About the Rospimatic

Q. Will this product clear toilet blockages?
A. The Rothenberger Rospimatic is not designed for clearing blockages in toilet wastes.

Q. How long is the spiral?
A. The spiral length is 7.5m with a diameter of 8mm.

Directions for Use

Inserting the spiral into the pipe:

1. Tighten the pressure sensor and set the control handle to forward motion. The feeder is regulated continuously (forwards, neutral and backwards) by means of the control handle.
2. Only tighten the pressure sensor enough to ensure that the spiral can no longer be pulled by hand from the spiral container. There must be a distance of approx. 20 cm between the cleaning equipment and the pipe opening.
3. Use one hand to grip the control handle and use the other hand to start the drill moving slowly and rotating to the right.
The spiral should bore its way into the existing blockage and should not be pressed in.
4. Increase the speed depending on the cleaning problem.

Clearing the blocked pipe:

5. Use the feeder to insert the spiral into the pipe to be cleaned until resistance (blockage) is perceptible.
6. If counter-pressure (blockage) is felt, switch the control handle to a neutral position (spiral rotates on the spot) until the counter-pressure has stopped.
7. Switch the control handle to forward motion until counter-pressure (blockage) is felt then relieve again.
8. Repeat this procedure until the blockage has been cleared.

Retracting the spiral from the pipe:

9. Once the blockage has been cleared, set the control handle to reverse while the drill is rotating to the right in order to retract the spiral back into the spiral container.
10. Ensure that the spiral retracts without effort. If retraction is difficult, allow the spiral to re-enter the pipe for a short distance. Do not force the spiral to retract!  The spiral must never be retracted completely inside the drum. Approx. 10 – 15 cm of the spiral remains on the outside!

Click to view the Rothenberger Rospimatic instruction manual

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